Pulling Back The Curtain On A Casino’s Skin In Kansas Sports Betting

Kansas sports betting skin

The definition of a casino’s “skin” is not nearly as disgusting as it sounds.

A sportsbook’s skin, to put it simply, functions in the same way human skin does (OK, maybe it is as disgusting, but bear with me.)

Underneath our skin, humans are all pretty much identical — we are made up of the same parts. However, it is our skin’s job to cover that all up and determine how we look to other people.

Now, apply that same logic to online sportsbooks and casinos, and that’s what a sportsbook’s or casino’s skin is. 

New Kansas legislation regulates a casino’s skin

Last year, the Kansas Senate passed a bill that would give the state’s four casinos the ability to operate retail and online sports betting, with up to three skins each. However, the house did not reach an agreement, thus pushing the effort to this year. 

Well, the new round of Kansas sports betting legislation went through both chambers of the House. Now, it must go through the Senate (which is currently on a three-week break).

This new proposal includes the same online casino skin regulations as the proposal from the previous year, but with some additions.

Casino operators can now team up with local retailers, as well as professional sports teams in the state. If you do team up with a sports team, then you can receive an additional fourth skin for your online casino. 

Which sportsbooks can we expect in Kansas?

So, assuming all sportsbooks really function the same way (which most do) it’s a skin’s job to make a sportsbook unique.

The four landbased casinos that operate in Kansas are:

  • Boot Hill Casino
  • Hollywood Casino
  • Kansas Crossing Casino
  • Star Casino

Many of these casinos already have ties with sports betting operators, so we can already get a solid understanding as to how some of these skins will be “spent.”

For example, Penn National Gaming owns the Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway, and uses the Barstool Sportsbooks as its sports betting brand. So, it’s fair to assume that the Hollywood Casino will use the Barstool Sportsbook as one of its three skins.

The Hollywood Casino is not the only casino with pre-determined skins. It’s assumed the FanDuel Sportsbook will have an immediate seat at the table, seeing as how they are partnered with Boyd Gaming (who owns Kansas Star Casino).

The Hard Rock Sportsbook looks to also be launching in Kansas once things take off, thanks to their relationship with Peninsula Pacific Entertainment (which operates the Kansas Crossing Casino). 

How many skins do other states allow their online casinos?

The potential for four online sportsbooks skins (per retail casino) in Kansas is a lot when you look at its neighboring states. For example, Colorado allows only one online skin per land-based casino.

Moving across the country, West Virginia allows casinos to operate with up to three skins, and Pennsylvania currently only offers one

It’ll be interesting to see how things work out in the coming weeks as this comes to Kansas. The four skins plan is definitely intuitive and can prove to be a trendsetter for states to come.