Course Focuses On Enhancing Your Sporting Event Experience

Course enhances Kansas sports fans experience

Tickets for a concert or sporting event were once paper strips with pertinent details like the date, cost, or team logo. And if you lost it, well, it was probably gone forever.

Now tickets to a sporting event or a concert come on your mobile device.

It’s a bar code or a stamp.

They are hard to lose, easy to transfer and a symbol of one way that technology has made our lives better. That same technology can also enhance a fans experience at a sporting event.

Fans are paying hardearned money for a good seat, the chance to be thrilled and wowed by great talents.

They want the ticketing process to be seamless and the perks to be explained. And as the potential for Kansas sports betting comes closer to reality, that’s even more crucial. If you didn’t see it, an agreement was reached for the Kansas sports betting bill.

Ticketmaster and Front Office Sports have teamed up to put together an online course. This course teaches sports fans how a ticket is now the key to a whole new fan experience.

What’s the online course and does it apply to me?

The coach falls under the Front Office Sports learning subsection.

Who is it for?

Any fan might get something out of it, but it is geared a bit more toward fans with an interest in the administration side of sports.

Perhaps the best part is learning the unique ways the professional sports teams in Seattle have used newer technology. They’ve enhanced the ticket-buying experience incredibly.

For the Seattle Kraken expansion NHL franchise, potential ticket buyers could see exactly what their view would be like from their seats, down to where their cup holder was going to be.

You can expect that same technology to trickle down to the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals in the near future.

How long is the course?

It’s six parts that total about 90 minutes of viewing.

The parts all have themes, including a commentary on NFTs and using data that spark fans to buy tickets.

After each video there is a short quiz, but if you’re paying attention, the questions are easy.

Some pieces are a bit on the mundane side, you may not really be interested in Ticketmaster’s reach and constant expansion into different media platforms, but there is some value here. Upon completion of the course, viewers get a badge to pop on their LinkedIn profile.

That’s the ticket, that’s the course

The in-home experience of watching a sporting event has never been better, with multiple viewing options, big-screen televisions, plus easy access to your own bathroom.

Despite this, professional and college sports teams are trying to entice people to enter the stadium as well.

There is something about the common experience of watching a game or a show surrounded by other people and cheering together.

The ticket is just the start. Now that ticket can open the door to a world of new possibilities.

Photo by Charlie Riedel / Associated Press